Dr Sameer Kalani

Dear Mr Abbas Zaidi
I had a wonderful time at Ranthambore. The accomodation and stay was excellent, the safari was well planned and overall it was a great experience.
Looking forward to more rides planned by your team.
Thank you & Regards
Dr Sameer Kalani

Mohit Marwah

This was a very organised arrangement and Abbas bhai has been very supportive. While handling such a big group you need to be tolerant and inclusive and he has been both.
Looking forward for more arrangement like this and wish u guys success..

Mrs Padma Karpe

I am a house wife and really love birds and animals a lot I cherish the mere sight of beautiful birds this place surely intrigues the person who loves being close to nature. I always wanted to go to a place where I could feel at home with such scenery and beauty one really gets in sync with the nature. And the services we got were simply amazing!
Filled with such exotic and beautiful birds and animals, the trip to Ranthambore was really worth it!

Abhisek Basak

I'm an assistant manager in a reputed company and was fed up for the same old monotonous work schedule and I definitely needed a vacation to rejuvenate myself, and certainly Ranthambore helped me bring me back to my senses by coming close to nature, I sure loved the trip, the ride, the scenic beauty.
The vicinity is simple superb and breathtaking, away from the hustle and bustle of the city I found a place worth going and remembering!

Mr Sunil Singhana

Im a General Manager in a MNC and had really heard a lot from people about Ranthambore but coming to this place has surely made me happy, specially the hospitality I got, the customer service was out of this world and in the end I left from there with some good memories and the thought of coming back again to this place.
The trip was worthwhile and the scenery was what left me awestruck! The birds, animals and the jeep was something which has left me coming back for more. Miss you ranthambore!

Ms Sudha Rao

Seeing a tiger this huge was one experience which will live in my mind forever! And with such an encounter on the jeep never a second did I feel afraid! Kudos to Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana and to Ranthambore Jeep Safari!

Mr Amitabh

I'm a stock broker and really don't have time for roaming here and there, with such a tight schedule most of the times I am busy, but then family comes first and so we decided of going to Ranthambore, out of the many beautiful places I have seen this place is definitely a must see, people who come here surely go home all cheerful thanks to the customer centric service and such nice hotel and a classy jeep this trip with my family is for the keeps.

C M Bhagat

I am a Writer by profession and really enjoy travelling as well. The thrill of finding good places in the world took me to Ranthambore! And this is where I discovered such nice things and beauty never heard and seen before, excellent customer service and superb commuting was just no expecting this much. But still hats off to Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana.
Observing wildlife like the way I did at Ranthambore was really something which intrigues me and for the people who love nature this is a place worth going to once.


Travelling has always been my hobbies and seeing beautiful places is something I like a lot. Being a sales guy is tough and so I thought why not go for a holiday and enjoy. So off I went to Ranthambore this place surely feels you elated! With such suave services and good people I surely enjoyed my trip a lot thanks to Abbas A Zaidi awesome guidance.


I am a retail store owner and really enjoy riding jeeps and going for holiday trips and because of Abbas's cool advice, my family really had a nice time at Ranthambore.
The jeep safari booking was very easy! This is one thing I liked and the hospitality we were offered was excellent! A place worth visiting is Ranthambore

Hipkiss Emma

I'm a Business Consultant and really enjoy my work but after such a lot of work and hectic schedule, I really needed a break and so came to India for a visit to Ranthambore, this place surely leaves you speechless. With such a nice hotel stay and a trip worth my time, this place sure is one worth going to.

Carolyn Pinto

I'm a School Teacher and one thing which I'm fond of is travelling and commuting and seeing new places, I had heard a lot about Ranthambore, but when I came to this place everything I heard was true. My family and kids really enjoyed themselves with such nice jeep rides we were able to see tigers from such close distances it was really stupendous.
Seeing wild animals in a jeep was really intriguing! And such beautiful spots one just feels like staying there for a lifetime.

Deepank Bhatnagar

Being a Manager is surely tough and one does needs to rest and have a holiday every once now and then. And so we headed off to Ranthambore and surely the place was a site for sour eyes. From flora and fauna at its best, this place really is something. And i was really happy seeing the

Nicola Simpson

For the first time I saw animals so beautiful as the birds and tiger and deer's of Ranthambore. Really want to go there again.
The tour packages for Ranthambore were really easy on the pocket. And I really had one heck of time.

Roshan Dharmaratne

I'm a student doing my MBA and I went on a trip with my buddies to Ranthambore as we all are nature lover, and this place surely makes you feel like heaven, with beautiful trees, animals and such vicinity one is sure be spell bound. And the jeep rides were something which really made me happy.
cherish birds. And at Ranthambore I came to know about so many birds. That it has become my favorite place now. Hats off Ranthambore!!

Ram Murphy

The trip to Ranthambore was really awesome, from working for long hours in a KPO one surely needs a break away from the hustle and surely this is where Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana excellent customer service surely made the trip lighten up and I will recommend to all my friends and colleagues about my trip. With such rich flora and fauna and an awesome jeep ride what would anyone want. It's worth every single penny coming to Ranthambore!

Sangeeta lakhani

For a house wife, life is very dull and so a few of my friends decided to go to Ranthambore with access to a swanky hotel and good customer service, we felt safe and the trip was worth every single penny we spent. Plus the animals were what we liked the most. Thanks to Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana for such good service they provided.
A trip to the tiger reserve was something which was quite pleasing. These majestic animals surely will intrigue you and the vicinity is what adds even more charm to the place.

Elodie CartiƩri

Coming to Ranthambore was ever so relaxing! Especially for a business women who works round the clock. Finally i was able to see such majestic creatures for real and it sure was something I cherished the most.
The tiger reserve the birds everything felt like heaven! A trip I'll never forget!

Vinay kamath

I am an IT guy and one thing which i'm very fond of is travelling and exploring the world when i'm free. So along with my friends we thought of visiting Ranthambore and this place surely is something. The service provided by Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana was surely a good experience and they helped us with everything possible. Cheers to them for making this trip worthy.
Ranthambore really makes you feel close to nature. And makes you feel alive again!

Srikanth Kashyap

I'm a Freelancer and my work is quite hectic and it takes the most out of me. But the trip to Ranthambore really revived me, and with such beautiful vicinity and flora and fauna. I surely was thrilled with what I saw and was craving for more.
The Ranthambore jeep safari tour and the nice hospitality by Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana surely made my day there!

Frederick Shaw

I'm a lecturer at a Business School and with such difficult schedule; I really don't have free time. But out of the work schedule I took time, for going to Ranthambore. It really is nature at its best. Birds, animals, trees everything is simply perfect, as far as service is concerned I have never seen such hospitality.
Such lush and green forests and the majestic animals this is view which no one should miss!

Valerie Shaw

Being a teacher at a primary school is tough! And so I booked a trip to Ranthambore and so we reached there, the place was really superb! The swanky hotel and service surely made my time worth every penny I spent.
Watch nature come alive at Ranthambore's exquisite parks! A once in a lifetime watch!

Edward McLachlan

I booked a trip to Ranthambore and it really was pleasing! The ambience and vicinity was surely worth remembering. Being an architect i don't get much time to relax, but at Ranthambore i really enjoyed a lot.
The experience of seeing the tigers from the jeep was thrilling and fun! And one would really enjoy this.

Nicola Simpson

I must say the service provided by Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana was simply great! I enjoyed a lot in the jeep and the scenic beauty really makes you feel at peace. Especially the landscape is very beautiful. For anyone who is a nature lover this place is a must visit.
For the first time I saw animals so beautiful as the birds and tiger and deer's of Ranthambore. Really want to go there again.

Mr. Subhankar Sanyal

I working in a bank and my hectic schedule give me little time for myself and my family but with help of Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana, I was able to book a nice trip to Ranthambore for my family where we saw such nice animals and birds we say many kinds of different plants and trees and well and the trip was really amazing!
The jeep safari booking was smooth; the jeep ride was smooth and the trip smoother! Going home with a smile on my face.

B K Nanda

Sharing my experience I would like to tell by Abbas A Zaidi and Hanuman Rana, sure know how to please you. They give assistance to you from ground 0, for someone who didn't know this place, I can say im going back fully satisfied.
With such reasonable tour packages to Ranthambore and great hospitality I sure would love to revisit Ranthambore!